Megumi (SG)

Restaurant: Megumi

Location: 77 Upper East Coast Road

Type: Japanese

Date of visit: 23 Sept 2009

It has been one year plus I have been absent from this neighbourhood restaurant. And boy, after an interview today, I instantly rewarded myself and relatives to this favourite restaurant of mine.

Beef sukiyaki $17.80

The soup base was tasty and on the sweet side brought by sake and mirin. As always, the tender and evenly marbled beef slices were a treat to savour with the hot soup.

Also see the review from ieatishootipost for more info on the beef, you will be surprised!

One of the set menus $18.80

The menu was definitely revamped in the past one year. More additions like ramen, set menus and kid menus as well.

This was my order. For a mere $18.80, you could be tasting this set of cold soba, assorted tempura (taro, red pepper, aubergine and prawns) and assorted sashimi (salmon, tuna and yellow tail)! I thought this was such a great value.

Sashimi cuts were a tad too thick, could be served colder, but they tasted fresh enough to me. Tempura was light and crunchy. Soba and the dipping sauce were served chilled and perfect to go with the hot and humid weather which I’m still trying to acclimatise with.

Spider Maki $12

Yes, spider!

Kidding! It was filled with deep fried and crunchy soft-shelled crab inside, a great contrast to pair with the firm and moist sushi rice. 8 pieces all together if I’m not mistaken.

Here, I concluded my first real-time restaurant review in Singapore. Can’t wait to venture out on more restaurants here.


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