Party Food: Fried Wontons and Prawn Toast

Fried Wontons

fried shrimp wontons

Exactly the same recipe, just deep fry them in medium hot oil until golden brown. Have it with any dipping sauce that is slightly acidic.

fried shrimp wontons

The sweltering heat and humidity have been deterring me from going out during day time if not for running errands. Ironically, I went for deep frying items instead of cooling juice or chilled soup.

I should really abort the idea of deep frying next time. Ah well, this session is worthy of some extra calories though.

Prawn Toast

I used up the wonton pastry skin and left with some prawn filling behind.

Kylie Wong’s cooking show I watched the other day gave me this idea of Prawn Toast.

prawn toast

It was supposedly Sesame Prawn on Toast (Kylie mentioned that this snack originates from Australian Chinese, is that right? This is quite a common item in Dublin’s Chinese takeaways too ) . I didn’t have sesame seeds at time of cooking, so, I used panko (Japanese bread crumb) to dust prior to frying.

prawn toast

These high calorie snacks turned out pretty good!  See the recipe below.

Ingredients  & Preparation for Prawn Toast

  • cut off the crust of 1 white bread
  • cut  the white bread into two rectangular halves
  • smear 1 tbsp over of prawn filling evenly over the white bread
  • sprinkle toasted sesame seeds OR panko to coat the top evenly
  • when the oil is medium hot, gently slide the prawn toast into the oil
  • fry until both sides are golden brown
  • note: the prawn side will turn over in the oil due to heavier mass, don’t worry, the prawn filling wouldn’t fall apart. I wonder why actually …
  • now, drain off excess oil, then eat!

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