Sights & Scenes in Singapore

Here are some of the sights and scenes taken randomly while running errands throughout the past 2 weeks of being here. I am still trying to adjust to the extreme humidity, heat and haze (from open fire burning in Indonesia).

Otherwise, I like the convenience and efficiency of how things are done here.  My thoughts on Singapore … It’s quite a sterile concrete jungle. Materialism is at every corner tempting you to $$ deficits. Food is at the very heart of every local here, everywhere you go, there’s bound to be some food stalls, food push carts, food courts …you name it, they are there to cater to your gluttony.

All right, let’s look at some of the pictures here …

A view from Harbourfront Tower’s elevator, overlooking Keppel bay

Tree top walk at Alexandra (west of Singapore)

Sunset during the walk on Tree Top Walk. Journey ahead is still long, when the sun has set, let’s take a rest, we’ll continue on tomorrow.

The Fullerton Hotel. The skyscrapers behind are mostly banks, and the area is regarded as CBD (Central Business District).


Merlion statue.

Gold fish found in Fullerton Hotel. Fish signifies abundance in Chinese culture, this type of gold fish is commonly seen in Chinese business premises.

Esplanade on Marina Bay. The shape of the building is adapted from the King of Fruits – Durian.

Heritage house facade preserved at Bugis Junction.

For food in Singapore, see here, here and here. And more to come!

Looking forward to your feedback too, let me know that there is somebody out there reading my blog.


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