Compilation of Food Pics (Singapore) IV

In continuation of the random dishes tasted in Singapore, here is the fourth episode. If you are interested, see also Part I, II and III.

Everyday, I am spoiled by the vast variety of food readily available here. Let’s start with a quick meal from a local supermarket.

Sushi galore at a local supermarket (Cold Storage @ Bugis Junction)

Yummy yummy, which one should I go for?

Sushi galore at a local supermarket, wide range of choices at cheaper prices. I chose a scallop sushi and a seaweed sushi. Delicious! $1.50 for 2 pieces, nice!

Ya Kun's Kaya Toast set

Soft boiled eggs, tea with evaporated milk and kaya & butter toast, $4.20 for such a set from Ya Kun Kaya Toast. I like the local  edition of using evaporated milk in my cup of tea (instead of fresh whole milk back in Ireland), the tea turned out luscious and smooth.

Yong Tau Foo noodle soup set from a food court

Yong Tau Foo (stuffed tofu or veg with minced fish) with flat rice noodle in soup, within a range of $4 – $6 depending on how many pieces you desire, typically, you will have to order minimum 7 pieces (about $0.50 each).

Ayam Penyet shop's ayam penyet

Ayam Penyet (Indonesian flattened fried chicken), $6.50 for a dish including boiled rice. An Indonesian food chain in Singapore. I like the kicking hot sambal.

Ayam Penyet shop's Ikan Bawang Penyet

Ikan Bawang Penyet (fried Pomfret, served with fermented compressed soya bean bar and also fried tofu). The spicy, crunchy and fragrant coating is simply wonderful!

Beard Papa's (Japanese bakery chain) vanilla cream puff (6 pieces for $10; 1 piece at $2.20)

Old Chang Kee (chain stall)'s fried good galore

Curry Puff (the ones in the middle tray) from Old Chang Kee. Another popular deep fried snack in Malaysia and Singapore. The architecture is like a mini calzone, except the chicken curry filling is wrapped up in flaky pastry (not puff pastry type; it’s different from pizza dough and without yeast of course). Try it out when you can!

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak. Typically eaten over breakfast / brunch. Key point is the fragrant long grain rice cooked in coconut milk, served with sambal paste, fried anchovies, a fried egg, a piece of fried chicken and fresh cucumber slices. This set is from Changi Village food court, $3.

You Tiao (dough fritters)

You Tiao. Simply defined as Chinese doughnuts, and this fried snack has quite an interesting background.

Of course, not everything is better or more here. Inflation is hitting this island hard especially on food (vs deflation in food prices in Ireland). I remember a bowl of dish a year ago cost only $3.50 from this  favourite stall of mine, now is $4. I leave the % increase to your maths.

Air conditioned food court (Food Republic) inside Vivocity shopping mall

As much as I like eating out here, I still like to whip up a dish on my own, and I hope to start cooking properly  soon. Home cooking is still better and cheaper, I think.

That’s all for now (to be continued)!

List of Eats/Restaurants

  • Beard Papa (deli counters at supermarket’s basement, island wide)
  • Take-away sushi section at Cold Storage supermarket inside Bugis Junction mall’s basement
  • Food Republic (food court) at top floor of Vivocity shopping centre
  • Old Chang Kee (fried food counters) available island wide
  • Ayam Penyet (Lucky Plaza, Orchard Rd)
  • Ya Kun Kaya Toast (island wide)
  • Food Replubic (food court) at Bugis Junction shopping centre

4 thoughts on “Compilation of Food Pics (Singapore) IV

  1. Hi Adeline,

    Looks like you have been enjoying the makan in Singapore :-). I’ve not try the ikan and ayam penyet before. Where did you have that?
    In Singapore, I enjoy going to the wet market as it is so lively and lots of fresh ingredients so readily available, i.e fresh seafood and fresh greens :-).

  2. email2me: yeah, food heaven here :) trying to burn out as much as i eat though and that’s the consequence.

    Christine: Ayam Penyet has a branch in Lucky Plaza, try their classic chicken or cat fish penyet, real good!
    Tell me where is the wet market in S’pore??? Didn’t know that they exist. I got a curry recipe from a Nyonya family nearby, I think it’s time to explore a wet market to buy ‘real fresh ingredients’

  3. Hi Adeline,

    Most housing estate has at least one wet market. If you’ve chances, you can visit big wet market at the basement of Chinatown Complex, Tekka Market in Little India, or even you can visit Sheng Shiong chain of markets if you want good deal on their vegetables.

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