BLK84 Marine Parade food court (SG)

I got to know this Nettune Hong Kong Dim Sum from a food programme aired on a local Chinese channel three years ago. And since then, I have been here for the third time.

The dim sums here are made by a fellow Hong Konger, and I thought dim sum sizes are proportional to the price ($2.50 onwards for 3 pieces per plate). There are about 20 varieties being offered. If you want to have a good and simple dim sum, here is the place (long queue on weekends).

Prawn Ball with Dragon Beard (龙酥虾丸).

Don’t mind the messy shredded filo pastry, the prawn balls (stuffed with a whole prawn hidden)were bouncy and delightful.

Har Gow (Prawn Dumpling 虾胶).

Har Cheong Fun (Rice sheets filled with prawns 虾肠粉).

Four portions cost $10.50 all together. This is what I call cheap-and-good eat.


The carrot cake was homemade, free of preservatives, crispy outside and soft inside, tasted really good (vegetable oil was used).

Cendol Ice, $1.70.

A few stalls away from the carrot cake stall. Pretty nice, inside, there was even a soft pandan leaf to add fragrance to the drink.


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