Quick Icy Cold Coffee

I am hitting books again, why? Because there will be an interview in say 2 1/2 days time, and after a year of not touching the subjects, I am in deep trouble.

To combat the sweltering heat and heaviness in the air while trying to revise, I blended up this coffee drink to curb me from falling asleep to the lazy hot air. And it works!

Ingredients & Method (Serve 2 -3)

  • 2 instant coffee mix sachets
  • about 150 ml of hot water to dissolve instant coffee
  • if not using instant coffee mix, make a  thick cup of coffee of about 200ml sweetened lightly with sugar
  • 1 tbsp of condensed milk (or to taste)
  • 8 – 10  ice cubes

First, dissolve the instant coffee with minimal amount of hot water , set aside to let cool.

Then, pour the cooled coffee solution in the blender, followed by a dash of cold water, condensed milk and ice cubes.

Set the blender grinding until the solution is well mixed, with lots of froth forming at the top.

Serve it immediately while cold. Enjoy!


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