[Review] Cook Books

Cook books!! Shall I say I don’t really use cook books? Which I am sure you’ve already discovered it as I rarely (or none) make any reference to a physical cook book here.

This is for no other excuse other than being stingy, not willing to spend cash on cook books which could be quite costly, that send me browsing through cook books while I am out in town. My only valid reason was that there are already tonnes of beautiful, useful, creative and purely divine food blogs floating around the web for your to discover. And yes, I would say my computer is the best cook book I have ever used.

I have nothing against cook books at all, in fact, I am going to share with you my very limited range here. You must be wondering how did they end up here after a string of gibberish explaining why I am not into cookbooks?

Well, bebe being an enthusiastic and loyal customer of Amazon, during sales, he got me a few to support my interest in culinary or rather as his menu.




Ministry of Food by Jamie Oliver (British)

Page after page of comprehensive step-by-step pictures to guide you through. The recipes are aimed to spend minimum time in the kitchen and yet being able to create scrumptious and hearty meal.

So far, I have attempted baked Camembert as pasta sauce, curried pan fried fish and home made salad dressing. I will try more when I need something quick and delicious.




Grow Your Own Drugs by James Wong (British)

The recipes here really inspire and motivate you to grow your own herbs, flowers and any plants that are useful in anyway.

James Wong whom obviously has Asian parentage explains my familiarity with some of his recipes to cure minor ailments, for example, using ginger to  ‘chase out’  the gas in the stomach, as well as honey & lemon  drink to soothe sore throat.

Also, there is a range of home made beauty and skin care ‘potions’ to keep you looking well and without the risk of burning a hole in the handbag.



Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat by Naomi Moriyama (US)

After reading this book, Japanese food seems to be as easy as it could be. Everyday food for Japanese doesn’t mean sushi, sashimi nor the exotic expensive range of seafood. In fact, they enjoy hearty food like stir fry, dumplings and simple light soup. I feel that the everyday Japanese home cook meal resembles a lot to home cook Chinese food, unpretentious at all.

Lucky me, I have easy access to a lot of Japanese ingredients at a reasonable price range here in Singapore as the locals are a bunch of Japanese food avid fan. I hope to showcase some of the recipes attempted from Naomi Moriyama’s book in the next few entries. Stay tuned!

And yes, the above three are my first ever cook books and they got me thinking, hmmm …. maybe I should set a budget aside for cook books from time to time.


6 thoughts on “[Review] Cook Books

  1. Hi Adel,

    You’ve the chappy chap cook book….think you’ll like The Naked Chef too.
    By the way, James Wong does proud for Malaysian. :-)

  2. The Purple Foodie: For me, I think it depends on how often you’d cook his kind of food and if it’s reasonable.

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