Durian Love

Durian the king of fruits.

A fruit you either love or loathe. None in between. Make up your mind.

The golden rich and creamy flesh is hidden in the hard and thorny outer layer.

Some say it tastes like cooked meat, some say it’s foul tasting, some say it’s out of the world.

It is also a ‘heaty’ fruit (not spicy). To counter the internal heat it brings forth, rub some salt over the durian sac, fill it with water then drink it up. Have a few bouts of this good cleansing drink.

Why? The same durian enzymes (that is reponsible for durian growth) activated by salt rubbing contained in the water would neutralise the effects. Told by a durian enthusiast who is a doctor.

I don’t know if these links showing calories of durian is any accurate, but, you get the idea of how fatty and high calorific it is.


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