Bali Thai (SG)

Bali Thai is a well-known Thai & Indonesian restaurant chain in Singapore.

Nothing fancy, they provide hearty portion for a typical family dinner at a reasonable prices. Note that there’s no tap water being served here, you have to order their drink starting from $3.50 each if you want some liquid to wash down with food (one 500ml water bottle would be complimentary upon 2 drinks ordered).

Thai iced tea $3.50 (Left), Lime juice $3.80(Right)

I often find the Thai iced tea too sweet. Lime juice was pretty good, came with a sparkling hint.

Fried fish (garoupa I think) with mango salad topping $22

Generally, the dishes here are all quite tasty. The fish had a crunchy batter, the tangy mango salad complimented the fish very well.

Tahu Goreng (Fried tofu coated in egg) with sweet soya sauce dip $12

The fried tofu with egg coating was pretty crispy on the outside, bouncy and firm mashed tofu inside flavoured with a tad of turmeric. Good for 3 – 4 persons.

Pad Thai with shredded chicken and a huge fried prawn served on top $ 9.90

I would prefer pad thai here compared to Thai Express anytime. Very flavourful, yummy!

Oh yes, we also ordered seafood tom yum $12 served in a clay pot, there were squid, prawns and mussel. The broth itself was clear with a drizzle of chilli oil, it was utterly hot & sour, the way I like it. Worth coming back for.


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