Indulgence at Katong Mall,SG [Closed]

That’s the shop name. Indulgence is an unpretentious corner shop situated just right opposite Cold Storage in Katong Mall.

The store states that they only use Valrhona chocolate in all of the desserts, that was a good sign already. And here’s my ‘harvest’ …

Hazelnut Praline $6.90

It’s a very dense, smooth and luscious praline indeed. Everything was likeable, just one concern, I didn’t taste a hint of hazelnut at all.

Chocolate Profiterole $2.90 each

It was a huge profiterole, the upper half was almost hollow, the goodness was found near the base.

I hope to taste more of their indulging desserts like Triple Chocolate, and maybe macarons too next time.


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