Five Flower Tea (五花茶)

Unload the herbs & flowers into a big pot, soak it in cold water for 15 minutes, then drain.

I purchased a packet of Five Flower Tea (Wu Hua Cha) to expel internal heat and to aid digestion from a TCM shop.

Recently, weather in Singapore is highly changeable. For me, it’s physically hard to cope with the erratic temperatures, hence to safe guard myself against potential cold/flu, I wanted to try out alternatives. And herbs and flowers always sound more promising than Western medicine that is said to impose unnecessary side effects.

Five flower tea normally includes more than five types of flower.

Place the soaked ingredients into the pot, fill it up with three litres of water and set to boil for 10 minutes, simmer through for another 35 minutes. Add rock sugar or honey to taste in the end.

As shown here, there are

pearl barley
licorice root
stir fried white bean
pagoda tree flower
cotton flower
peuraria flower

This is how it looks like when the concoction is done, strain it, then drink only the herbs infused water.

It could be served hot or cold.


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