Ootoya @ Orchard Central (SG)

Restaurant: Ootoya

Location: Level 8, Orchard Central, Orchard Road

Type: Japanese homecook dishes

Date of vist: 10 Nov 2009

Ooooo … Ootoya, a Japanese restaurant chain presenting frills free, unpretentious and homecook feel dishes.

I made this trip after watching 500 days of Summers (making use of $6 ticket during off peak hour at Cineleisure) and also due to the raving recommendations by quite a few local food blogs. The movie was delightful by the way.

We arrived the restaurant around 6pm, dinner crowd wasn’t in yet. Woo hoo! So, we chose a nice seat and ordered two set meals.

Table setting

On the menu, every dish indicates its calorie counts.

Scallop Steamed Rice & Chicken Tofu Soup Set meal, S$17++, 753 kcal

In addition, the set also included a cold side dish (mushrooms, fried tofu, blanched greens and anchovies) which was flavourful yet very light, and a bowl of acidic pickled cucumber.

Scallop Steamed Rice

The rice was kept warm on a cast iron holder, the starch was seasoned with seaweed shredding and marinated scallops. Rice was soft and a little sticky, the way I like it. Though the scallop did not flavour the rice in anyway, the seaweed provided enough seafood taste to the rice.

Chicken & Tofu Simmered Soup

The whiff of dashi excited my nostrils upon arrival. The dashi taste shone through the slightly thick texture of the broth in the beginning, then the egg yolk caught on and dominated over the soup flavour.

I did not mind that, I like egg. The combination of tofu, tender chicken as well as mushrooms was simple and very comforting.

Sweet & Sour Chicken set meal, S$16++, 1094 kcal.

The chicken was tender inside, whereas light coating on the outside absorbed the sauce evenly.

The amount of sauce given was perfect, not any lesser nor excessive. The sweet and sour sauce incorporated the tangy and fragrant black vinegar. Also, the marinated lotus root slices were crunchy.

Total damage was $38.61 for two set meals, free green tea, free flow of white rice as well as keen and polite service. I will be back again.

The Christmas decoration (changes every year) is up on Orchard Road already. They would look so pretty when the night falls.


5 thoughts on “Ootoya @ Orchard Central (SG)

  1. I’ve been wanting to try the food @ Ootoya as the reviews for this place are pretty good! Maybe this Sunday i should make a trip down =)

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