Kangkung Sambal Belacan

As promised in the earlier post, here is the popular Kangkung Sambal Belacan utilising the ‘painstakingly’ made sambal belacan paste.

It’s as easy as hot oil, then shallots, then paste and finally kangkung leaves. Done!


  • 2 tbsp of sambal belacan paste
  • 100 g of fresh kangkung leaves, cut into 4 cm segments
  • 1 sliced shallot
  • 2 – 3 tbsp of light oil
  • a dash of water


  1. Heat up the oil in a wok. Toss in shallots to stir fry until lightly brown.
  2. Add in sambal belacan paste to stir through until fragrant.
  3. Turn the heat up high, add in the kangkung to stir fry.
  4. You may want to add in  a dash of water to prevent burning at the base and help the leaves to wilt more quickly.
  5. When the leaves are wilted and coated with the paste evenly, dish up.

Notice that no salt is mentioned here, because belacan itself is salty in nature, so there you go.

It’s best enjoyed with a bowl of cooked rice.


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