some Ipoh (2nd largest city in Malaysia) food revisited

A pictorial account of the food I managed to track back during my 1 1/2 days here, out of 9 days I spent in Malaysia, where else did I go?

Read the next entry, but first, let’s check out some of my all-time favourite Ipoh food which is also my childhood food. The pictures are in chronological order.

Typical Mountains in Ipoh

On the coach from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) approaching Ipoh bus station (Medan Gopeng). Ipoh is also known as city of mountain, there are many Buddhist temples set up at the base of the mountains in Gunung Rapat (an area in Ipoh).

There are 3 ways to get to Ipoh from Singapore if you are interested.

i. Take from Singapore to Ipoh (55 minutes), quite costly though.

ii. Take one of the many budget airlines at a competitive rate to KLIA (50 minutes), then take an express bus from KLIA itself (take 2 escalators down from the main floor) to Ipoh which is only 3 hours ride.

Or else, take a bus to Puduraya Bus Station in KL city centre, then choose one of the many coach companies to Ipoh.

iii. Take an overnight coach or day coach from Singapore – Ipoh, 9 hours ride and this is not my cup of tea.

The original (or rather pioneering) Ipoh White Coffee Shop.

And inside, I had the following hawker food …

The famous Ipoh White Coffee (back) RM 1+ and Shredded Chicken with Ipoh Hor Fun Soup (front) RM 3.50
It’s strong and aromatic, a tad acidic to my taste. I am not a coffee lover but I appreciate it when it’s made ice cold which perked me up after a few hours of travelling.

The springy, smooth, lightly thick texture and translucent unique Ipoh Hor Fun (flat rice noodle) is second to none in this world dare I say. I simply love it.

Yu Dan Fun

Other places may brand meat paste stuffed tofu as Yong Tau Foo. However, in Ipoh, it’s commonly known as Yu Dan Fun (Fish ball noodle), don’t ask me why. I guess because the meat paste is predominantly made with fish paste.

The yu dan fun items are perfect to my taste, mainly made of unpretentious firm tofu, fried firm tofu, beef balls (mixed with tendons) and a lot of fish paste stuffed beancurd fried items which I didn’t take any picture of here.

Penang Char Keow Tiao served on a banana leaf, very nice!

Crispy Chinese pancake (Dai Gou Meen)

A make shift stall on the way out from Nam Heong coffee shop, he is selling crispy folded pancake filled with creamed sweetcorn , sugar and crushed peanuts.

Qi Feng Soya bean stall

… that serves the customers on the go, literally. This has been in Ipoh for ages … You park your car outside this stall, they come to you for order, then you finish your food and pay up. Everything is based on trust.

Bean curd in syrup

Enjoying this smooth and warm soya bean curd in syrup at the comfort of being inside our air-conditioned car.

Foh San

Foh San tea house (as literally translated). The whole building is dedicated to serving dim sums and tea.

Foh San’s Dim Sum selection

I like this chicken congee with century eggs served in a claypot, their Yu Dan (fried fish balls) are pretty big and delicious.

Ming Court’s Dim Sum selection

Ming Court’s Dim Sum selection, situated just right across from Foh San.

Portions here are smaller compared to Foh San, but I thought they are more varied and tastier. Must try items are the black sesame paste, almond paste and the steamed items.

Assam Laksa tasted in Gunung Rapat

It is served with fried items (meat paste stuffed bean curd)  which is a quintessential Ipoh hawker food.

Some random shots of Ipoh’s surrounding as I walked along, quite an old city but quaint and full of surprises, food wise.


6 thoughts on “some Ipoh (2nd largest city in Malaysia) food revisited

  1. Oh Adel,

    I almost couldn’t recognize Foh San, indeed it has been refurbished. Ahhhh…the dim sum looks so yummylicious.
    The hor fun with fish ball…..I totally agrees,Ipoh has the BEST hor fun…..
    Hope you enjoy Ipoh.

  2. Hey J2Kfm, btw, what’s ur name or at least nickname? Yeah, I got off from the bus, then ate and ate and ate until the next evening to rush off to Sitiawan to attend cousin’s wedding. Really hope to meet you next time instead :)

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