Royce Chocolate from Hokkaido,Japan

Royce‘s Mild Cocoa, the only non-alcoholic one from the five flavours offered in their Nama range.

Before posting the next final post on my very recent trip to Malaysia, I’ll take a break from it by sharing this amazing chocolate brand, hails from some western country you would think. But no, it originates from Hokkaido, Japan.

Surprise? Me too. And I only got acquainted with it today when I received this box as a very belated birthday present. Not only the chocolate is lusciously smooth and refined, it is not sweet and lighter on the tongue in comparison to its European counterpart.

Overall, I was immensely impressed with such superior quality at a low price tag.

 Chocolate kept in a cold packaging, and it will last for 3 hours from fridge’s departure.

S$15 nett for a box of 20 pieces, what a steal! However …

Just one concern, I have no knowledge if the cocoa is sourced ethically, whether it’s fair trade but definitely not organic which otherwise Royce would have stated.

I really hope they would offer fair trade and organic chocolate, and I don’t mind paying more for a box of chocolate to enjoy with conscience.

 20 pieces of Mild Cocoa pieces.

Available currently at three locations in Singapore. Suntec Shopping Mall, Ion Orchard and Takashimaya.


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