off the beaten track in Malaysia visiting family

After spending a short stay in Ipoh, I travelled to Sitiawan and Banting to visit family and attended two wedding occasions.

Get ready for a longer set of pictures below featuring what else but food. Don’t move away from your screen now, sit back and enjoy the following pictures!

~~~ in Sitiawan~~~

Cendol Ice

Ice shaving/crushing machine, type shown here is manually driven. It is ubiquitous in Malaysia to the rescue of scorching sun and humid air.

This popular cendol stall was even patronised by Sultan Perak before. There are framed newspaper cut-outs on display to prove. Very reasonable pricing, RM 1.30 for cendol and RM 1.50 for cendol with glutinous rice. And the cendol ais (ice in Malay) was fantastic!

Served by a courteous and polite Indian make-shift stall owner, merely a few metres away from Uncle John cafe.

Teluk Batik, which is near to Lumut jetty that leads to the famous Pangkor island.

Ramly burger stall spotted at Teluk Batik ,there are a few around. We just chose one randomly.

The chicken burgers were butterflied and seasoned with kecap manis inside, whereas beef patty (red) was drizzled with kecap manis on top.

The burgers were cooked through and through until crispy all around. Served with ‘magarined’ buns and/or mayonnaise at request, ketchup or chilli sauce at your choice and a small handful of greens.

Post wedding tea ceremony lunch at bride’s home.

A big bowl of fried rice vermicelli made by dad for relatives coming over for cousin’s wedding.

~~~ in Banting ~~~

Seafood hotpot (aka steamboat) at Banting, restaurant name forgotten.

This place serves one of the best steamboat I have ever tried. Anchovies based clear soup with a variety of home made fish paste products. One of the must tries is fried tofu belacan cubes as appetiser.


Crispy Chicken (RM 6) from Shinlin Taiwan Street Snack @ Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Mall

Oyster Mee Sua from (RM6) from Shinlin Taiwan Street Snack @ Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Mall


Kheng’s Kopitiam at Banting, they serve pretty good local food. Especially Nyonya/Peranakan influenced dishes.

Ice shavings with gula melaka, cendol, kidney beans and sweet corns. Delish! One of the few good cendol ice I have tried. RM 3.90

Red bean kuih, pretty good.

Lor Mee (RM 6.90+)

A Hokkien and Fuzhou clans’  favourite noodle dish I would say. It is served in a thick soya sauce and oyster sauce based gravy, cooked with bamboo shoots that gives a pungent smell. Some like it and some don’t, and I don’t.

Curry Laksa

It tasted like curry. Thick curry soup carrying heavy coconut milk (or maybe some coconut cream). Quite mediocre.


Ikan Bakar (Grilled Stingray in Sambal Sauce)

The one being offered by this Doraemon food court wasn’t good, there are much better ones out there. Anyhow, the stingray served was thick and huge, but the sambal was disappointing.

hokkien charHokkien Char (Fried Hokkien Noodle), Malaysian version. At Doraemon open air food court in Banting.

Nothing like the ones seen in Singapore which was cooked with yellow noodle and thin rice vermicelli in pork broth and served with seafood. Both versions are good, just different even though they are labelled with almost the same name.


And lastly …

A snap shot from the famous coffee shop in Bidor – Pun Chun that sells won tons and a huge variety of home made pastries. This unpretentious stall is mostly frequented by people travelling from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur and vice versa for refreshments and souvenir.

Try their signature homemade Won Tons, al dente Won Ton noodle in the delicious clear broth.

A note of caution, the toilets provided there are not for the fain hearted, if you could hold, wait for the next restroom facility available on the North South highway.


5 thoughts on “off the beaten track in Malaysia visiting family

  1. Pun Chun in Bidor? They are very famous for the duck noodles, though I’ve my doubts.
    Sitiawan is such a cool place, I went so many times this year, for work and for fun.

  2. you might be interested in my blog, which i cover mainly foods from Banting. you really need to know some of the more “in the middle of nowhere” places which serves quite exotic food. i’ll cover that soon.

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