Shin Yeh 欣葉 (SG)

Here is a review of my first ever post of Singapore based Chinese Restaurant. I found out this place as my visiting relatives are i. Chinese elderlies i.e. narrow minded in tasting other food apart from Chinese/Malaysian food ii. It’s near to the hotel they put up with.

I think Chinese restaurants here come with hefty prices, except if you go to food court for cze char stall. One is expected to spend around $25 – $30++  onwards typically.

Here is the breakdown if you are interested. Once dined at Crystal Dining In at Vivocity, it was $92+ for four of us over four dishes and tea. Second time at Tung Lok at Vivocity costing $220+ for eight of us (5 dishes + tea). This time round, it was about $168 for six of us (6 dishes + tea at $15!).

Fillet Beef in XO Sauce served with kailan leaves.

The fillet beef was absolutely succulent but a tad gamey to my taste. XO sauce was pungent with seafood mixture, did not quite harmonise with the gamey beef. I will skip this next time round.

Two Mushroom Stir Fry in Oyster Sauce.

The mushrooms and greens were stir fried with good wok hei, soaking up the tasty oyster sauce and by far my favourite dish during this visit.

Fried Soya Beancurd Stir Fry in XO sauce.

The fried beancurd was smooth and soft, stir fried with XO sauce. I don’t have much experience tasting XO sauce to pass on the judgement, but I find their presumably homemade XO sauce was too pungent yet not fragrant.

Duck slices poached in bouillon. Served as cold cuts with ginger slices and pickled vegetable.

The duck meat was really tender and soft, light yet flavourful. Paired wonderfully well with the julienned ginger. And they are not gamey at all.

The all-time Taiwanese famous Fried Oysters Omelette.

My other favourite dish here. Fairly different from the local version. It’s filled with crunchy fried oysters, mixed with crunchy green stems and also some small fresh scallops. A must-try!

We also tried stir fried clams (la-la) with some very aromatic green leaves, the clams served were really fresh and big. Good take!

Almond jelly in apricot syrup.

The almond jelly was totally different to the ones tried locally. They’re much chewier (due to glutinous rice flour), the tangy fresh apricot slices (only very two thin slices) counter well against the almond syrup.

We also tried Baked pastry filled with yam paste, it was pretty good too. Too bad, that we were still waiting for this dessert even after the bill was settled. Reason was, it was left out from the order!

Service was ok, seemed well staffed yet none of them gave our table a proper attention. We had to waive and waive to get our teapot refilled and so on. Dishes didn’t came all at once, or at least one closely after another, we had to wait like ten minutes between each dish. Now, that was really annoying.

The management should really polish up their service. Ambiance was busy, whereas interior was spacious and came with simple yet elegant lighting and bamboo plants.

Location: Level 2, Liang Court at Clarke Quay, Singapore
Shin Yeh


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