Din Tai Fung @ MidValley, Malaysia (and Jalan Alor hawker food)

Welcome to my second post of restaurant review based in Malaysia. This post would have three little entries on three different eateries. Read on …

Din Tai Fung

Shrimp & Egg Fried Rice RM14.50++
(++ denotes additional 10% service charge & 5% government tax)

Every mouthful of the well separated grains enveloped in good-flavoured stock, served with nice scent of scrambled eggs and fresh bouncy shrimps.

Mango & Prawn Rolls RM7.80++

The filling was oozing with mayonnaise, came with small mango chunks and whole bouncy shrimps too. The coating was crunchy, nice take but could be quite cloying too.

Braised Beef Noodles RM16.80++

The beef broth was very flavourful and slightly spicy where its consistency was just right. The noodle arrived with the right texture (a little al dente). And the tender beef chunks, oh so delicious. My favourite dish so far.

Total damage was RM53 including two Luo Han Guo drinks. I will be back again and again.


Oyster King

Oyster Omelette RM6nett

This stall called Oyster King was situated just right across from Din Tai Fung. They serve up some favourite local food such as radish cake, oyster omelette and etc. And it is halal.

We thought this omelette was not bad at all, though the portion was pretty small. It was good, just nice to have some little supplement after our lunch at Din Tai Fung.


Jalan Alor Hawker Food Street

Roast/BBQ Chicken Wings RM2.40nett each at Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur

At night, we ventured out to the famous hawker food street in Kuala Lumpur. I read somewhere that one should try out bbq chicken wings and also grilled fish here.

For the sake of trying, both of us had a chicken wing each because RM2.40 for a chicken wing is really expensive I thought. It was ok, nothing to shout about.

We had our bbq chicken wings at this stall called Wong Ah Wah (recommended by some blogger).


Portuguese style grilled skate wing (stingray, about 500g) RM20nett

Then, we moved onto another stall called Meng Kee that offers grilled seafood and other stir fry dishes. I am not sure what Portuguese grilled seafood means, and this was what we got. Looked like ordinary grilled piece of fish, doesn’t it?

Sambal sauce is essential to the local style grilled stingray (skate wing), well, this stall didn’t quite concoct the rendition that is satisfactory to my taste. Fish was crispy on the outside, soft inside, it tasted quite fresh too. But that’s about it, nothing fantastic.

I still prefer the sambal grilled stingray where the whole wing was smothered heavily in fragrant and tasty sambal sauce, served with cincalok (fermented small shrimp) and calamansi aside as well as fresh thin shallot slices on top.

Next up would be the last post of my Kuala Lumpur eating sessions, it will revolve around some fast food chain *ashamed*.


4 thoughts on “Din Tai Fung @ MidValley, Malaysia (and Jalan Alor hawker food)

  1. Christine: Yeah, the chicken wings were nice. And there are many other stalls doing it, WAW stall is famous for it according to my research :)

  2. Hello, the design template is from WordPress, however the header was customised :) Glad you like the blog design!

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