Fast Food Guilt Trip: A&W and Popeyes @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A&W Root Beer Float, who could forget that? Sadly, this chain is not around Singapore anymore. However, you could still find them in Malaysia.

This set is RM 14.70, consisted of large root beer float, twisty fries and chilli dog. The chilli dog was huge but on the salty side. Fries were all right, whereas the float was as good as ever.

Popeyes is now slowly emerging and sprouting around Singapore and Malaysia in the recent year. This set meal here is about RM 12.25, and it is slightly different to Singaporean version which is normally served with crunchy fries instead of mashed potatoes in tasty gravy. I prefer mashed, more over, it’s cheaper after RM to Sing dollar conversion (cheap thrill).

Two advantages of having fast food in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia is that they are virtually halal (except for Carl’s Junior in Singapore). Also, the poultries are fried fresh as opposed to the frozen ones used in Hong Kong and perhaps in other parts of Asia too.


4 thoughts on “Fast Food Guilt Trip: A&W and Popeyes @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. Popeye’s does good mashed potatoes alright, with that slightly piquant gravy for the mash, instead of the usual brown sauce.
    But the chickens and burgers ain’t that tempting, seriously.

  2. The fried chickens that I had at MidValley branch were drier than the ones I had in S’pore. Don’t know if it’s just that particular branch.

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