Ootoya (SG) revisited

On our first visit, we had sweet & sour chicken and also scallops steamed rice served with tofu & chicken simmered broth. Service here is very prompt and courteous. Hot or cold tea are available on the house.

The theme of this restaurant is rice set. An honest plate of main course served with miso soup, some cold veg, pickles and of course rice. Reasonable prices and service are the two main factors drawing us back and I am sure others too.

Charcoal Grilled Atka Mackerel set $17++

This is a whole butterflied fish, grilled to perfection, tasted fishy in a nice way and on the saltier side. You need to lift up the skeleton at the top and deal with some tiny bones near the fin areas while eating through it. A fresh piece of meat.

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Thighs set $14++

The chicken thighs were not oily at all, very fragrant accentuated by the cameralisation and perhaps charcoal grilling method.

Chicken Tonkatsu set $14++

A close up of Chicken Tonkatsu

The light and utterly crispy breaded chicken, the experience was further enhanced with the slightly acidic and fragrant black vinegar sauce, served on a bed of rice. Homely and comforting.

Green Tea Ice-cream with Soya Beancurd $6++

I thought I just have to give parfait here a try after reading some other local blogs about how great they are. The portion was just nice for two persons, combination of bean curd with ice cream and brown sugar was quite refreshing.

I think I will be back here before heading off to Ireland in 7 days time.


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