Random Cooking I

These are some of the dishes cooked or baked and photographed, yet never published, no reason really.

Just sharing some of the simple noodle soup dish that I whip up over a quick lunch or dinner on regular basis.

Oh yes, have a read here about having ethical food (based in Asia).

Fish Ball Rice Vermicelli Soup (made of anchovies stock)

... served with fried okra, some fried shallot and fresh coriander leaves on top.

Instant fix: Instant noodle in tom yum soup (made of ready-made tom yum paste), served with a poached egg, sweet corn kernels, fresh green chilli and shallot slices.

Steamed broccoli dressed in fried shallot and a good drizzle of shallot infused oil.

Fair trade banana cake made by bebe. Almost a monthly fix.

Gouda cheese fondue with freshly baked baguette (this is only attempted once). Reason for not sharing recipe was that the fondue consistency was thin and the taste was weird. Need to work on it when I'm back in Ireland again which means fresh, good and reasonably priced cheeses in abundance.

Garlic mashed with a wasabi layer and a final topping of melted smoked cheddar (and paprika) - mashed always lights me up.


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