back to Ireland (& Sun Moulin Matcha Redbean Cake)

When I realised that it’s time for me to leave this sunny island, mixed feeling it was. Excited for another change to come but then I find it hard to part with the warm weather, clean and safe place that I could even jog past midnight, the hardest part was bidding farewell to the cheap, good and vast variety of food available here.

I panicked at the thought …

When can I try out all the food places that are still on my Food List? What about the weekend trip to neighbouring countries like Thailand, Bali and Japan? Oh no, I haven’t made a visit to this part of Singapore, and that place that serves marvellous brunch placed up hill in the lush greenery. I barely got 20% my Food List and To-go List covered within 4 1/2 months.

Oh well, when time is up, I’ll just have to follow suit. But, I’m glad to have another chance to explore a new phase in my life. I am not sure yet what I will do, but somehow this time it will be figured out.

Well, the above was typed out before I landed a job, yes, I got a job in S’pore on the day of my midnight flight. That means I will be back to S’pore afterall. In fact, I just arrived in Ireland today and thoroughly wrecked!

No thanks to the delayed flight, that led to the missing of our biometric incorporated boarding passes (which involved two detours), and a missing connecting flight as well as a difficult b*tchy custom officer, this all happened at Heathrow airport! From that moment, I made a mental note not to ever pass through Heathrow anymore if there’s a choice.

Actually, we had a bad start at Changi Airport when our overweighted luggage didn’t get any mercy from the ground staff, so I literally ran to purchase a hand-carry luggage and repacked our luggage as fast as we could to avoid missing flight. The whole journey was a real marathon against time.

Today entry is more like a venting diary. Bear with me, I need to get this out of my system. Now, I am having two months some-sort-of-holidays before starting work. And now, it’s about 1deg C. Brrrr …. night!

To finish on a ‘food note’, here’s my last piece of dessert before leaving S’pore …

$3.80 nett. It’s like having green tea parfait with red bean paste, but in a cake form. Delicieux!

Available from Isetan’s basement at Shaw House, Orchard Road.

By the way, I will be attempting a short & sweet series of Chinese New Year dishes very soon. Stay tuned! No more complaining, I promise hope!


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