Year of Tiger – Pineapple Jam Tarts (2010)

First of all, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! 新年快乐!Wishing you good health, wealth and blessings in abundance.

Today it’s the first day of Chinese/Lunar New Year! And I am so glad to be able to spend it with my family back home. What about yourself?

Pineapple jam tart is one of the popular New Year (Chinese and Malay) goodies in Malaysia and Singapore. They are prepared at least a month well in advance before the festive New Year celebration begins. I slide back, only managed to catch up the day before Chinese New Year eve.

I followed a good recipe from here and added some mature white cheddar into the dough mix. Sweet & savoury pineapple tarts are a hit with the famillies. Especially for the adults who don’t fancy sweet stuff.

Get a pineapple tart mold ready.

Then, follow the recipe as in the link. For the cheesy twist,  just add finely grated 250 g of mature white cheddar while creaming butter and icing sugar together. Rest the dough aside.

I bought 1 kg of ready-made pineapple filling (like jam but much harder and stickier), pinch a small bit and roll it into about 1cm ball of diameter.

When the dough has rested for about 30 minutes, pinch a handful of dough and roll it out flat to about 1 cm thick. And then use the mould to press out a 'flower' shape one by one.

On a flat baking tray, line it with a layer of parchment paper, arrange the 'pastry flower' onto the tray, place a small pineapple jam ball onto the centre with a gentle pressure to secure it. Repeat the above two steps until the pineapple filling is used up.

All set, ready to be baked.

I baked them at 160°C for 20 minutes. Depending on the oven, this batch is overbaked, so I toned down to 140°C for 14 minutes for the following batches.

pineapple tarts done!

And the pineapple tarts turned out fantastic after the temperature and time readjustments.

I used the leftover pastry dough to make the enclosed tart version, too ugly, haha.

Next up, an important and fun Chinese New Year appetiser. You will see how fun it is.


2 thoughts on “Year of Tiger – Pineapple Jam Tarts (2010)

  1. Hi Adel,

    Looks lovely your tart. I tried to bring in jam paste from Singapore on my handcarry luggage but was confiscated at the Changi custom…… so I will/have to make from scratch.
    Get the Nastar mold-easily available in shop in Singapore, and use creaming method (also add corn flour) to produce a lovely melt in the mouth pastry.

    See you next week in Dub, also you guys must plan a trip to Cambridge while you’re back. :-)

  2. Oh i see, cornstarch is a good tip, will add it in for the next batch next year, haha! I got my pineapple filling and mold from S’pore too, but checked them into the check-in luggage, phew!

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