Sis’ Chinese Wedding Dinner in Dublin

After two wedding celebrations of my younger sister, the final wedding dinner has arrived. I anticipated this one particularly, that is the twelve-course dinner gala. I didn’t get to take picture of all the twelve dishes, but I managed with eight.

And the authentic Chinese dishes to come are all cooked and served in Dublin, at Ming Court Restaurant. I am proud to be part of this wedding celebration frezny.

I am glad to introduce our family friend’s blog entry on this happy occasion, have a look.

Roast Duck served with Spicy Jellyfish Slices

The skin came with good flavour and crispy. Meat was almost tender, a little dry at some places. The chewy jellyfish dressed up with some heat to it, paired well with the duck meat.

Crab Claw Balls (with minced prawns)

The portion was huge, it was bouncy and tasty. And I was delighted to be able to use my fingers to savour this fried seafood item.

Seafood Broth (made with a medley of dried seafood)

I always like the thick seafood broth at a Chinese wedding dinner, all the seafood flavour would be released when it is savoured with a drizzle of the accompanying black vinegar.

Asparagus & Scallops with XO sauce

This is one of my favourite stir fried dishes in a Chinese restaurant. The scallops were pretty fresh and tender, while the crunchy asparagus played a good contrast against them. XO sauce was subtle, overall a tasty stir fried dish.

Ginger & Scallion Lobsters

The only part I like about lobster is the claw. And sitting with another eight people on the table, I had to keep my excitement before attacking the biggest claw. After a minute of the lobster’s arrival, bebe managed to get the one and only humongous claw on the table. The meat was so succulent, the fragrant sauce penetrated through the cracks of the shell and didn’t overpower the meat. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I decided to share my ‘happiness’ with bebe and another sister beside me.

Steamed Garoupa

The steamed fish was just as good. Soaked in some fragrant oil and soya sauce, julienned ginger and coriander topping added extra punch to the soft fish flesh.

Pak Choi & Abalone Slices in Oyster Sauce

The abalone could become chewy and rubbery if overcooked. The abalone slices here were quite tender, not overdone. Went well with the oyster sauce but the natural flavour of abalone was not tasted.

Sweet Pastries

A dozen was with sweet potato filling and another dozen was filled with mashed green bean. The pastries were buttery, nice texture. Both filling was sweet and nice.

Wedding Cake

Hope you enjoy the pictures here.


2 thoughts on “Sis’ Chinese Wedding Dinner in Dublin

  1. Hi Adel,

    Great food….they’re delicious, especially the huge lobster….yum yum.
    I was really surprised one could get such authentic dishes not only the portion huge and good and quality cooking, truly I enjoyed it.

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