Cooking Week @ Home II

This week has been busy, in a good way. Love being back at home with parents and cousins around, they are embracing all the recipes I was and still am trying out. Great people!

First of, I made a smoky brunch. It was grilled asparagus wrapped up in smoked salmon slice and topped with a poached egg.
Missing toasts here, do serve them with garlic toasts to add the kick!

grilled asparagus wrapped up in smoked salmon slice and topped with a poached egg

Then, next day morning. I wanted to attempt the very classic dim sum item, that is prawn & Chinese chives dumpling (har gow). This was my very first attempt, turned out ok. Need a lot of practice to shape the starchy dough. Check out the fantastic recipe here.

prawn & Chinese chives dumpling (har gow)

For the following late lunch, the guys (bebe, bro and cousin) pestered for buffalo wings we tried the other day. I had absolutely no idea until some research online, glad the hot wings turned out well. They are actually easy to make, just get a good bottle of hot pepper sauce (like Tabasco).

hot buffalo wings

I am a chilli junkie! Especially fiery hot chilli oil. And they are just so easy to make as well. Get a few tablespoons of good quality dried chilli flakes in a small deep bowl seasoned with a few sprinkles of salt. Heat up light vegetable oil until it smokes, then pour the hot oil into the bowl. The chilli flakes will be literally fried and turn crispy. Cool it before tasting. It’s great with steamed dim sum items like har gow.

hot chilli oil

For something fun, bebe made Konnyaku fruit jelly. We bought some konnyaku jelly powder, mix it with fine white sugar, boil and pour into the mould filled with fruit slices (kiwi is a good choice). Difference between konnyaku jelly and agar-agar is that konnyaku jelly is much chewier and softer.

Konnyaku kiwi jelly

Konnyaku kiwi jelly

And more to come like roasted teriyaki wings, chocolate tart and so on … I am hungry for more.


2 thoughts on “Cooking Week @ Home II

  1. I like chili flakes as well, and chili oil! Sumptuous stuff, esp eaten with dumplings.

    Like those with Sichuan peppers, hehehe …. numbing.

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