Salut Paris! (Spring in Paris I)

Paris skyline from Notre Dame

Bonjour! (or Bonsoir) As I am typing this entry out, I’m resting in the rented apartment after a night walk around Ile de Saint Louis and the surrouding area in Paris. We totally enjoyed ourselves even though we were exhausted from the early morning travelling.

Another six nights, we’ll head back to Dublin. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the pictures taken during the walk.

Updated the next day: I was going to upload the pictures and felt asleep at the computer. Ha! Anyway, since it’s a food blog, let’s start with some of the food tasted in Paris.

An interesting & funky shop near our apartment; beautiful flowers at a random flower shop; tart wrapped up in nice cone; croissant!
Candy shop (La Cure Gourmand); a random pattiserie; Buy & Sell Shop – second hand LV bags on display.
Cacao et Chocolat’s big chocolate macaron; Raspberry tart; Strawberry tart (all from different shops).

~~1st Dinner~~

Café Restaurant Le Sarah Bernhardt Sté dinner

There is bad food in Paris too. Avoid menu translated in different languages. Anyway, the first night we were too hungry, settled down for somewhere where locals seemed to be dining too. Steak was ok but the salmon was a disaster. This place is called Café Restaurant Le Sarah Bernhardt Sté, stay away from it.

~~2nd Dinner @ Café de Musée ~~

Café de Musée dinner

One of the restaurants recommended by David Lebovitz. Bebe and I walked 20 minutes to search for it, worth the effort. Steak was superb, nice cameralised crust on the outside, tender inside (cooked medium). Fish was excellent, and the whatever sauce it was dressed with did a wonder. Check out this good list too to cover Top 10 if you’re in rush of time.

~~3rd Dinner @ Le Flore en L’ile~~

Le Flore en L’ile dinner

Another entry for so-so food bordering to bad food. It’s called Le Flore en L’ile situated just by River Seine on Ile de Saint Louis (near Notre Dame). I made a bad choice again by stepping into this cafe/restaurant on a rainy night on empty stomach, no wonder there were only two tables occupied. The soup was watered down, the chicken with hunter sauce was better, and the terrine of pollock was … bah!

Le Flore en L’ile desserts during dinner course

Desserts were a disaster, bebe’s tiramisu with macarons turned out with a bowl of only cream cheese dotted with chocolate powder. And my warm chestnut cream cake turned out bad. We had a set menu at €23 each, honestly, not worth the money. Avoid this place.

Stay tuned. Next up (when I return home), I will post Sweet Things in Paris . Meanwhile, have a good weekend!

Shops Explored

  • Le Flore en L’ile restaurant (to avoid)
  • Café de Musée restaurant (highly recommended)
  • Café Restaurant Le Sarah Bernhardt Sté (to avoid)
  • Cacao et Chocolat – large macarons (and good too) available, nice chocolate treats
  • La Cure Gourmand – decent caramel based sweets as souvenirs

3 thoughts on “Salut Paris! (Spring in Paris I)

  1. adel h says:

    Christine: Hello! Apart from museums & monuments visiting, food was taking up quite some budget of ours, haha! Shopping is out of the window but food shopping is in :) Macarons here are everywhere and even in normal bakery shops, love them all!

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