Sweet Things in Paris

Too many pretty little things in Paris and let’s make this entry a pictorial one, shall we?

Let’s start off with my penchant for macarons, Parisian macarons by Ladurée.


Ladurée’s legendary macarons

Ladurée’s legendary macarons

We purchased a box of so-called mini macarons of 12 pieces with 11 different flavours, yes, you can choose and pick whatever flavour you want. Favourite  ones were caramel, pistachio and vanilla.


Berthillon ice-cream!

Another must-try shop in Paris would be Berthillon‘s ice-cream. And we happened to live  straight across from the original shop, and unsurprisingly we had double cones almost everyday. The above consists of pistachio & hazelnut, rum raisins & hazelnut & vanilla as well as mango & peach.

~~Pierre Hermé~~

You would think that were all the macarons above? More here from Pierre Hermé.

Pierre Herme’s cake boutique at La rue de Bonaparte
Pierre Herme’s macarons
Pierre Herme’s macarons

An afterthought after trying PH and Laduree ones.

PH macarons have more filling, and more exotic flavours as well as more refined (probably due to Pierre’s starting off his career in Tokyo). Ladurée‘s selection is more straightforward and you get what you see, still good macarons nonetheless.

~~Boulangerie et Pattiserie~~

Various baked goods from random boulangerie & patisserie around Paris

There were three boulangerie & pattiserie shops near our apartment and naturally we indulged ourselves in their daily fresh produces for breakfast (almost) every morning.

Prices are reasonable too, tarts sold at €2.40 thereabout, baguette at €0.90 and other pastry products around€1 plus. Missing them terribly now.

~~Berthillon (sitting in)~~

On our last day, we thought sitting in at Berthillon‘s shop for the last treat of their ice-cream would be a good idea. Yes, we had ok sit-in-food at their shop but the menu is way overpriced.

The left was entitled Vacherin (only 2 scoops of ice-cream and the rest was whipped cream and some mini meringue) and the right is some sort of French toast breakfast with an ice-cream scoop. Together with an espresso-sized cup of Café Noisette (€2.40!), the bill came to €18.80. I am embarrassed to admit to have paid such obscene price.

My advice, just go to the next door for an ice-cream cone and leave as a happy kid.

~~La Cure Gourmand~~

And finally some souvenirs bought from the local candy shop (La Cure Gourmand) – homemade caramels and nougat.

Two more Paris based posts to come after this. Check back soon!

By the way, before I pen off. A list to share with you here. It was a pity that I couldn’t trace down all the chocolatier and pattiserie shops, and here’s a list that I want to tick off next time in Paris. Try them all out if you’re going there and let me know how they’re!

  1. Gerard Mulot – said to have the best macarons apart from Pierre Hermé.
  2. Pierre Marcolini –  seems to be a Belgium chocolatier instead of Paris, however, the chocolate coated fresh marshmallows is a must.
  3. Patrick Roger – another great chocolatier, passed it by and seemed really exquisite.
  4. La Maison du Chocolat – a self-explanatory shop, just passed by, and the window display was so enticing.
  5. Debauve & Gallaisusedto be the chocolatier of King of France.

Enlighten me if you know more!


7 thoughts on “Sweet Things in Paris

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  2. parisbreakfasts says:

    Wonderfuly scrumptious and detailed post!
    Can I ask an annoying question?
    However do you smash two photos or more together?
    It’s a mystery to me :(
    Merci en avance

  3. adel h says:

    parisbreakfasts: Hello, I used Photobucket to upload my pics and they’ve wonderful and easy to use built-in software to stitch two pics together :)

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