Ma Paris (Spring in Paris II)

A pictorial journey would describe my experience in Paris better and let’s roll.

Our rented apartment in Paris.
The need-no-introduction Notre Dame.
Notre Dame creature
Our ‘cafe-by-the-street’ breakfast above ground; Some French sea salt and butter for home cooking.
Oh yes, if you like to cook with good quality kitchenware, visit this shop, which I only got to know after returning from Paris.
Night view at La Seine.
Our supermaché bought supper – Roquefort and white wine with baguette.
Le Louvre
Hediard in Paris (21 Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris)
La Tour Eiffel.
House of truffles! Just next to Hediard. And nope, didn’t buy anything from the store.
L’arc de Triomphe and the 266 steps of stairs we had to climb to get to the top.
Dinner at Café Med (77 rue Saint Louis-en-I’ile).

For under €20 three-course meal, it’s ok. The startes/entrees were quite pathetic! Well, Confit de canard is definitely worth the deal if you order it, crispy skin and tender (preserved/cured) meat inside.

Vegeterian quiche and also pizza offered by the local pattiserie for breakfast, reasonably priced. The owner would offer to warm it up for you and that’s superb!
Sacre Coeur on Montmatre. Have a walk up this hill side where it’s abound with lots of cafés.
A cute and arrogant Siamese cat found at the entrance of a closed restaurant.
La Maison du Chocolat.
Paris skyline
(Left) La Fayette interior; (Right) Le Bon Marche ground floor.
Chateau de Versailles; (Lower Right Corner) Pantheon.
And many many many more, you just have to get down there and see it for yourself.

Meanwhile, I’m on my way to Singapore today. Till then, have a good weekend ahead!


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