Cooking & Eating Out in Dublin

This is a condensed post of long overdue baking and eating out sessions, all took place in Dublin.


After working for one week, I found myself seriously deprived of sleep and a little depressed. New workplace, new faces but somehow my heart is not there. Deep down inside, I know I’m only working to pay the bills, not a complain. Probably, still adjusting to this drastic change of lifestyle compared to my very slow paced or rather no-pace ‘holiday’ months.

Hmm… 0nly when it comes to cooking or food, I become alive and eloquent instead of being shy and reserved (nicer word for terrified) in the new office.

Anyhooo… to reminisce a little good ol’ time back in Dublin’s two-months vacation. This first picture shows the virgin attempt of Double Chocolate Pound Cake, as you could see, it’s very very ameteur. Baked by my ‘pastry-chef’  whom I referred to as bebe on many entries here.

We made a chocolate cake layered and covered in chocolate ganache, not bad eh!

Then, we proceeded to Hard Rock Cafe, Dublin at Temple Bar for our brother’s 18th birthday. Expect the typical American fare, though overpriced, the food was not bad at all.

Hard Rock Cafe Dublin – Chicken Quesadillas served with three side dips and one relish. Large serving and cheesy.

Hard Rock Cafe Dublin – Main courses

The restaurant offers set menu at €18.80 for either a starter & main course or main course & dessert. And, I opt for the first one. On the left was the appetiser with hot wings and calamari rings served with blue cheese dip and some tangy sauce. The right one is burger with fries, good burger actually.

Hard Rock Cafe Dublin – 3 cheeses macaroni

Three cheeses macaroni topped with breadcrumbs (according to menu), cooked with diced pepper,  served with grilled chicken breast and garlic bread.

With so many ingredients, I was expecting it to be flavourful and cheesy (afterall, three cheeses were used). The food didn’t live up to the menu, dry texture overall and thus bordering tasteless.

Hard Rock Cafe Dublin – ice-cream dessert by one of our cousins.

Next, I attempted this Japanese light cheesecake from here. For the ones who were in SE Asia in the 90’s must have been through this Japanese cheesecake craze. They’re immensely popular for it’s cotton light texture and mild cheesy taste.

Baking attempt of Japanese light cheesecake

Though this first attempt didn’t work out that well as the oven was sort of broken, sadly only the upper grill functions which explains the dark brown top on the cake.

However, to my surprise and delight, my parents liked them a lot and claimed that they never tried baked cheesecake before (they’re in Ireland since 90’s, missed the Japanese cheesecake frenzy I guess), probably they found this version more suitable to their palette as opposed to the heavy and creamy ones.

During the on Sat noon, met up with some cousins and decided to drop by this Dublin based Japanese noodle chain store – Yamamori at 71 Georges Street South Dublin.

Bebe and cousin each ordered their beefy dish. They turned out ok, seasoning wasn’t great. The beef in the cast iron came with too much fat and served medium rare though bebe ordered medium well.

Yamamori Dublin – Main Courses

Whereas I ordered a prawn & chicken udon stir fry. To my horrid, the udon was awful, spoiled half of my day. Really. The chicken was tasteless and tough, prawns were the same. Mushrooms were barely cooked and the udon noodles were soggy, the gravy was oily …. The whole dish was a disasterous blob! I complaint there and want to warn people out there about the bad food here.

Yamamori Dublin – Main Courses

I don’t know how this place got good reviews on the net, after this visit, I’ll never turn back to this awful so-called ‘Japanese’ restaurant. It is an insult.

Alright, enough of reminiscing. Hope you have enjoyed this short trip back to Dublin here. I bid you goodnight, off to bed now *yawn*.






I couldn’t resist posting this up, just one last photo before I sleep, you want to know what this is?

Mango slice atop of a dense chocolate brownie, just experimenting.

Restaurants visited in Dublin

  • Hard Rock Cafe Dublin – not bad
  • Yamamori – to avoid

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