Food Waste

I’ve been silent for a full week, but I’ve a good excuse. I have been busy with the new job for the past two weeks. Not complaining, just a lame excuse :).

Anyway, busy workplace also brings on lethargy and laziness to venture into the kitchen or even new eateries. So, I’ve got nothing related to nice food today.

However, I’ve something else to share with you instead of pretty pictures of food. That is the UGLY truth behind the so-called fresh food, the ones on supermarket shelves, at buffet spread at numerous hotels, bakeries and so on.

Here, I’ve some links to share with you. It’s insightful and nonetheless interesting.

Food Waste Republic ( Singapore)

Scavenged through the supermarket bin to look for next meal? (Europe)

Half of US food goes to waste (US)

and a good link here about Sustainable Seafood started up by a conscientious and inspiring chap

i love blue sea

Do paste a link on the comment box to share if you have any.

I would like to leave you here with a Chinese saying that goes like this – for every grain of rice, there’s a drop of sweat involved.


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