Wusthof knives & Peugeot mills

Let’s start introducing these French babies (wish I could introduce Peugeot car here as well, when I get the cash that is) … Anyway,

Like them so much …

There are 6 settings, ranging from finely ground to course ground texture. To my surprise, rock salt and whole black pepper came with the millers!

They’re free! Because we finally managed to collect enough flyer miles to claim for the merchandises. We’ve been eye-ing on these gems for a while now.

We also got to redeem the flyer points for these German babies!

They make food preparation a breeze.

Next up, we hope to get Japanese knives.

Hopefully, our kitchen utensils and appliances would grow in quantity (and quality).




3 thoughts on “Wusthof knives & Peugeot mills

  1. adel says:

    hello,oh, i actually claimed them from Qantas Frequent Flyer programme, delivered to Australia last year, not sure about getting them in SG

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