an Italian Evening in Singapore

GSS (Great Singapore Sales) has just started and my patience has paid off.  Reason? Since I started working 2 months ago, I refused to buy non-discounted office wear.

Today, after work, I rushed off to Orchard Road with bebe to stock up on our clothes at a bargained price. Time went on, when the shopping excitement faded off and the hunger pants set it, it was 9pm already.

Then, I remembered this Italian chain originating from Malaysia – italiannies (at Triple One Somerset) which has received some good reviews online and also newspaper for its affordable price, wide range of alcoholic beverages and nice food.

~~ Italiannies ~~

Linguine Alfredo (Piccolo portion) S$11.90 ++
So cheese-fragrant and creamy, nice take. A friend of ours chose Carbonara and that didn’t do well.
Marsala Mushroom Soup S$4.50++
Marsala wine completed the creamy and thick soup well, and I like the mushroom bits. Not bad.
Chicken Milanese (Dinner portion) S$19.90++
Nicely grilled tender chicken, a little under seasoned. The spinach cream was not bad at all.
Lemonade (left) & Grape Freeze (right) S$6.50 ++
Lemonade was sprite with some lemon juice (pass it), while the grape juice was pretty nice.

The service was attentive. Complimentary homemade bread was served. Only if tap water was served here, then I am a happy girl.

~~ Oriole Bar & Cafe~~

To stretch the dinner further, and winding down to the beginning of weekend. We stopped by Oriole Bar & Cafe behind Pan Pacific Service Suites (beside 313 Somerset).

Jaffa Cake cocktail S$12.90 ++

For the Jaffa cake uninitiated , it’s chocolate coated cake-like biscuit with orange jelly filling inside. A popular treat in UK & Ireland. And this cocktail was superb, tasted like the cake, but with more ooomph! It’s made of Oriole’s home brewed coffee, whisky, chocolate, orange liqueur and topped with an orange peel.

Piccolo Latte S$5.50

This drink was raved on many local food blogs, made by award-winning barrister. Drinking coffee at night was not my thing, still I ordered it to find out. It was smooth and that was all.

Citrus Sin S$6 ++
It was one of the competition coffee. Tasted like Chai Tea to me except it heavier in spiciness and coffee was used instead of usual tea, a strange taste.

The bar also serve a wide variety of mixed cuisines, seems interesting. We decided to revisit soon.

111 Somerset Road, #01-02 TripleOne Somerset,Singapore 

Oriole Bar & Cafe
96 Somerset Road, Singapore 238163


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