Jones the Grocer (SG)


the venue of the Sunday dinner

I apologise for this month long of absence. During these summer months (even though there is no difference in all-year round searing heat on this concrete island), a lot of personal and work related issues keep popping up. I had to put my food desire aside.

Gourmet items @ Jones the Grocer

Not that the issues are solved now, they are getting more complicated. And in the midst of stress, I have to channel my thoughts somewhere else. Somehow, I found myself back to the comforting food blogging. Nothing else but savouring the food, recording the process and capturing the food-moment. On top of that, I am making use of retail therapy during the summer sales in town.

Sugar cubes on the table

Jones the Grocer came to my mind. Without further ado, I contacted a friend who is also interested in food-hunting and she called up two other friends and we ended as a group of five. Great.

Pasta with Braised Duck, Rocket Leaves and Porcini Mushrooms S$28-

The overall dish was hearty, but all I tasted was button mushrooms instead of Porcini. Really, no scent of Porcini, it might be used in the pasta stock, couldn’t taste any. And that was the only complain I have.

take 2

Confit Chicken S$26.50-

Everything on the plate was good, the jus was very herby. Just that it’s not confit de canard, so don’t look forward to flesh-off-the bone and ultra crispy skin.  The portion is not filling if this is your dinner.

Confit Chicken S$26.50-

The finale of the meal i.e. desserts!

Lemon Meringue Tart S$5.50-

This small little tart sized simlarly to Chinese egg tart. So, at most, enough for two. I liked it!

Oh yes, the prices here included GST & service charge. You pay what you see. They stock a wide range of artisan cheese, ingredients, wine and other quality food stuff.

a snapshot from a wooden figurine shop at Level 4, ION Orchard


Address: 333A Orchard Road, #04-21/23 Mandarin Gallery,Singapore


4 thoughts on “Jones the Grocer (SG)

  1. Adel, glad to see you’re off to have nice food again. Been perching here to see your new entries :-). Well done.

  2. Hi Christine, haha, I will be posting two more this week. Thanks for your continuous reading!

  3. The desserts here are quite a yummilicious, esp the lemon tart. Find the ambience here very different from Dempsey, but love both anyway.

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