Everything with Fries; The Soup Spoon (SG)

Everything with Fries (at Holland Village)

This was a total impromptu dinner before heading down to the bar. I saw reviews about it, the fries, the salmon and Nutella pie.

So, when this branch caught my attention, I reckoned to my colleagues to check it out.

Breaded New Zealand King Salmon with Curry Fries S$13.50++

Curry fries were good, dusted with flavourful curry-infused powder, there were even crunchy curry leaves. The salmon itself was not overdone, not bad. The accompanying sauce for the salmon was lost amongst the strong flavour of curry fries.

Pork Chop with Garlic Herb Fries S$12+

I skipped the pork. We all agreed that the garlic herb fries were the best among the ones we tried.

Chicken Tandoori Sandwich with Sour Cream & Onion Fries S$12++

The sour cream & onion shoestring fries were utterly disappointing. Wrong texture and flavourless. The tandoori however was received well.

Nutella Pie S$4.50++

Where was the Nutella? I just couldn’t taste it anywhere, be it in the sugar abound tart crust, the pie filling or the melted sauce. None!
The whole pie was too sweet even for a sweet tooth like me.

The Soup Spoon

After work, I met up with a friend in town.
We decided to go for something light and lured into this shop by the homey soupy scent.

Beef Goulash $8.50 (Large)

The beef chunks were tender, and the soup itself was quite all right. Served with sour cream and my personal touch of Tabasco heightened the taste.

Mushroom Stroganoff S$8- (Large)

We found this soup way too thick, almost like a thick sauce. My friend gave up after a few spoons of sipping. We got it packed.
Warmed it up the next day, watered down with milk and water.
And it tasted like a proper mushroom soup.

Please check back for more after work eating out sessions!


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