Galley at the Straits (SG)

Galley at the Straits, situated at the northern part of Singapore. Just a short taxi ride from Sembawang MRT.  This restaurant promises a cozy and relaxing waterfront dining experience.
The ambiance was so inviting, and it is not as crowded as East Coast Park.

Double boiled seafood soup

We started off with this light  broth, yet packed with a punch. The tender coconut flesh, when scooped out, compliments the seafood stock well.

Salmon dip with garlic toasts

The salmon dip is highly addictive together with the fragrant and crunchy toasties. Perfect way to start the dinner off.

Homemade smoked salmon sashimi

Jimmy explained that the salmon was smoked in house using Cherry Wood Chips. We were all swept away by the thick slabs of sashimi and the right smokiness.

Wasabi Prawns (left); Oatmeal Prawns (right)

The wasabi sauce was on the sweet side, springy the prawns were. Whereas the oatmeal prawns were just as good. The difference here, the giant crunchy sea prawns.

Roasted Duck (left); Roasted Chicken (right) with plum sauce

I will put it simply as tender flesh, crispy skin, and a smoky fragrant plum sauce to dip in.

Curry Fish Head

Fresh fish drown in the rich, smooth and flavourful curry gravy was satisfying.

Pi Pa Tofu

There are two types of tofu served here. The fried minced tofu (pi pa) and steamed spinach infused bean curd. I personally prefer the steamed version, it was refreshing and light on the tongue.

Scallop and mango stir fry encased in a sweet potato bowl

The fried sweet potato bowl was downright comforting, the crispy skin was so addictive. The subtle tartness of the mango cubes help to cut the richness of the dish, though they did not quite connect with the scallops slices.

Chilli Crab

A good chilli crab it was, fresh and soft crab meat. And I had two fried mini buns to soak up the sauce.

Black Pepper Crab

The wicked black pepper sauce did come with a lot of heat, in a  good way.

Coconut ice-cream (left); Mango pudding (right)

Mango pudding was velvety and lovely. While the coconut ice-cream was surprisingly light and refreshing, and the yam paste served underneath played well against the coconut flavour.

Fruit Platter

A complimentary fruit platter with a combination of fresh and juicy fruits, the way to end the dinner.

A sincere thank you to Andy (the organiser) and Jimmy (owner of the restaurant) for inviting us feasting on this sumptuous 10-course dinner.

The beautiful sunset

[Media Invitation]

Address: Inside Sembawang SAF Yacht Club
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm daily  (Last orders at 10pm)
Reservation & Enquiries: 6 491 1388/ 6 757 9026



One thought on “Galley at the Straits (SG)

  1. We had a very bad experience dinning at Gallery By The Straits yesterday. We went for dinner and It was very crowded so we are being informed that we have to wait for at least 30mins. Since we travelled such a long way there so no choice we agreed to wait. I suspect they must have forgotten our order as the table behind us who ordered later then us have started to eat so I really don’t know what went wrong, anyway it was a very bad experience for me & my family.

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