Shin Kushiya (SG)

A fun company event it was. After a half-day work, we set off at 1pm for treasure (or rather picture) hunting across the whole Sentosa in two hours. Then followed by another hour of match-a-word.

When evening came, I couldn’t appreciate this dinner treated by my company more.

A restaurant I always wanted to try out and I had my luck this time as it was paid for.

Bacon & Tuna Maki

Well, anything with crispy bacon is nice, and it was served with garlic chips atop. Firm sushi. Not bad at all.

Spicy Salmon Sashimi Maki

 And the little spicy dollop of sauce had a lot of heat, caught me by surprised. Quite an appetising combintation.

Above, we had Grilled Salmon with Spicy Salmon Roes and Oysters Wrapped in Bacon. They were pleasant.

Kushi (means on sticks in Japanese), which is the focal selling point of  Shin Kushiya.

The concept is just like yakitori where little pieces of meat, seafood or vegetables grilled to perfection and served on bamboo sticks.

Sword Fish with Leeks and Minced Chicken Balls

 Sword fish chunks were oily and good went well with the smoky leeks.

grilled lamb chop

 A tad too gamey for me, tender though.

I only snapped shots of a few we tried, the other must-tries would be Grilled Shitake, Mozzarella Wrapped with Bacons and Grilled Beef.

For the main course, a colleague ordered Grilled Teriyaki Don.

Some of them had the refreshing Chasoba.

And the fresh sashimi platter!

The seafood was fresh and tasted superb.

This restaurant is reasonably priced for the good quality of food presented. I will be interested to return.

On one occasion, I tried Nanbatei (Level 5, Far East Plaza, Scotts Road) a few weeks back. Famed for their kushi style food. The interior was small but cozy, dishes were cooked and managed by native Japanese.

The food was fantastic of course. However, what left me sore was the rude waitress telling me off from taking pictures.

I respect the restaurant’s policy, but as a customer, I deserve a gentle notice instead of being told off in such unprofessional manner.  Oh well….hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed the food.

You see, I have made it a point to take camera with me whenever I go, so I won’t miss out the proofs of food hunting sessions.

Stay tuned! Same place, anytime!

Address:1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-120-122 VivoCity, Singapore


2 thoughts on “Shin Kushiya (SG)

  1. Yo Adel! the Japanese food looks yummy. Is it buffet ala carte ?
    I once was told off at a 5 stars hotel restaurant in Spore by the chef for taking pictures at their food bar. OK, I was only allow to take pictures I brought over to my table :-(, well….

  2. Hi Christine. It’s just a normal a-la-carte restaurant. You know, if the restaurant is confident about their dishes, they shouldn’t bar people from taking pictures.

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