Honeymoon Dessert (SG)

I was surprised to see a franchise of Honeymoon Dessert the other day while roaming in 313 Somerset.

I have patronised the one in Hong Kong at Central and we all liked it a lot, especially their mango range of desserts.

Mango & Pomelo Sago

Somehow, apart from the house special Mango & Pomelo Sago dessert, the range is very limited. However, the good news is durian has a place on their menu which is strange considering Hong Kong-ers are not fond of this pungent and sinful fruit.

Mango Pancake

Above is the so called Mango Pancake, which is complimentary with two mango desserts ordered.  Not bad at all.

Durian and Red Bean

This is the one with Durian and Red Bean ultimate combination. The durian paste was really fragrant (or pungent), the whole combination worked!

 They are all mainly coconut cream based.

Honeymoon Desserts - the bill

Whether the desserts worth it or not, it is for you to judge.

Address: Level 4, 313 Somerset mall (and island wide)


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