Flor Pattiserie (SG)

along Duxton Hill

Tucked away along the quaint heritage shop houses in the middle of Singapore.

Here is the French Japanese bakery shop, Flor.

Cacao Royal

We tried four types of cakes all together. Light and soft chocolate sponge inter-layered with thick chocolate ganache, topped with tart berries, yum!

Chestnut Millefeuille

Chestnut icing, thin puff pastry, fresh cream and soft sponge played on each other, nice.
Just that I couldn’t quite taste the chestnut though I see them.

Mont Blanc

 Available during autumn months only. Almost the same composition as millefeuille above except that there are no thin puff pastry layers.

Inside of Flor's montblanc

Fromage Blanc

Pretty nice cake, tangy cream cheese with the buttery tart base.

But among all, I prefer Millefeuille and Cacao Royal the best.

They offer green tea set at $8 and coffee set at $9.

We appreciate the warm service here.

Give this place a try!


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