Canelé Pâtisserie II

Canele, a name that is associated with indulging sweet stuff in Singapore.

Somehow, not only the sweet ones that tempt me here, it is also the savoury ones.

Last visit, I had carbonara which was satisfying and cloying at the same time. All good.

Mont Blanc S$7.50++

I was not satisfied with Flor’s mont blanc which has the soft sponge base and lack of chestnut flavour. Nothing beats Angelina’s one.

So, I tried my luck here. Let’s just say it has stronger chestnut taste and firmer icing, still I yearn for the real thing.

Nougatine Crepe S$13.50 ++

Nothing could go wrong with a nutella filled crepe and a hazelnut ice-cream full of hazelnut bits served on top.

On the side, there are specks of crunchy filo pastry sheets thrown in with drops of fresh whipped cream.

A sinful and high sugared dessert, enjoyable nonetheless.

Crab Tomato Spaghetti S$16++

I only wished they could offer other types of pasta apart from spaghetti. The crab meat was in abundance, stirred in with the mildly hot tomato sauce.

Seafood baked rice S$18++

The rice was coated in light cream sauce, on the dry side. Overall, a comfort cheesy carbo to have over Monday blues.

Address: basement of Paragon mall


2 thoughts on “Canelé Pâtisserie II

  1. Hey adel, have you tried Kki’s mont blanc? The chestnut flavor is very rich, pure & nutty. It’s the best on the island.

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