Awfully Chocolate (SG)

Cold Poached chocolate with Kahlua whipped cream in the box - half eaten, heee..

A chocolate chain store specialises in making all things chocolate.

I visited the branch at Raffles City Shopping Centre’s basement.

I couldn’t wait to eat before snapping a shot of it, hence the half eaten pictures here.

Cold Poached Chocolate topped with Kahlua Whipped Cream $7.50

The airy whipped cream lingered with coffee liqueur to go with the dense and smooth ganache at the base. Indulging!

Super Stacked Chocolate Cake $6.50

Made up of 6 layers of different types of cocoa!

If you mention that you are having it on the spot, they would warm it up for you.

I like this shop’s desserts being rich, bitter sweet and not cloying at all.

 For their full range of chocolate products, click here!

~ updated around March 2012~

Also, over time, we tried most of the items offered like their only dark chocolate ice-cream, really smooth with just the right touch of sweetness.

Dark cherry rum chocolate cake's sliced out

 Cherry Rum Chocolate Cake was really moist, packed with plump cherries soaked in rum to boot. Great stuff!

 We bought a 6″ cake for just two of us to last us through 4 days (hopefully) of sweet treats.

White chocolate cupcake S$4.90

Overpriced. Chocolate cake itself was good though, not too sweet and moist.

However, the soft white chocolate frosting on top was limp and cloying.

Oh yes, we savoured their chocolate truffles in normal flavour and Kahlua as well. Really decadent and very smooth on the tongue.

I suppose I just have one product yet to try, it’s Salted Caramel Brownie, it’s new and not on their website yet!


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