Winter in Paris 2010

We had a spring in Paris earlier this year, we love it so much that we make a second trip within a year during our trip back to Ireland. No valid excuses at all, just to have more macarons and soak up the Parisian love  in the winter.

This time, we put up with the apart-hotel at Citadines and there is this Boulangerie Julien nearby, for only about Eur 3.20 per dessert item not to mention the wide range of different breads and quiches in the shop, I didn’t have enough of it!

A shot near Saint Louis, along La Seine river. Thankfully, the snowfall had not started yet while we were there.

A raspberry tart with a macaron top from Boulangerie Julien, gorgeous!

Here is the medium sized waffle cone from Amorino gelato chain, each petal could have one different flavour of your choice!

Check out  La Grande Epicerie which is just opposite La Bon Marche where we picked up a rose as above around Eur 12.
We also popped by Pierre Herme on La Rue Bonaparte  to pick up a 20 piece box of macarons.

I randomly chose this posh looking fruit juice just to try out how good it is, it is by Alain Milliat, Eur 3.95 for a bottle of about 350 ml, you taste what is written on the box. Pretty nice!

A here is a glimpse of our groceries, some to be eaten during our short stay there, some to be brought back home.

With the low Euro Vs Singapore dollars exchange rate, I got my first ever designer bag. Feeling bad and excited all together after the purchase :P.

The departmental store like Printemps have wonderful window displays with moving puppets. Check it out!

I was pretty marvelled at the interior decor done up by Gallerie LaFayette.

I found a cupid! Right in the middle of Jardin Tuilleries on the way walking to Champs Elysees.

Here is a shot of L’opera.

The Christmas decor at La Rue de Paix where Ritz Paris is.

I guess that is all the travelling this year. Next year travelling? Hmmm…


One thought on “Winter in Paris 2010

  1. Ladee Rickard says:

    This is awesome. We travel the same paths through Paris. I enjoyed looking at the photos and got some great ideas for posting on my own blog. Stop by and visit me at I didn’t get a chance to visit the department stores, but after seeing your photos, will add that to my travels during my next trip to Paris.

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