Le Timbre (Paris)

I took a page with me printed with  David Lebovitz‘s recommended Paris eats for this winter trip. Thinking we will just pop by whichever recommended restaurant in the vicinity of our walk during lunch time.

Le Timbre is sort of nearby on one fine day during lunch time. We took the leap of faith and searched for it.

What greeted our sight was a  small restaurant where customers, waitress, chef and sous chef were all squashed in the same room without any partitions in sight at all.

A little overhelmed after seeing the crowded condition from the huge windows, I timidly pop in my head and asked the waitress for a table for two without any expectation getting a seat. She first apologised for not having any seat, then she paused and asked us to come back in 20 minutes. We were sort of relieved to hear that.

During the 20 minutes wait, we stumbled upon Jardin de Luxembourg. I was hesitant whether we should brave ourselves to be back in the packed room.

Mushroom Soup

When it was time, we decided to go back. They offer 2-course set lunch at Eur 22.  I had mushroom soup as above, more like a mushroom puree. Comforting.

Caramelised onion with anchovies fillets on toasts

And he had caramelised onion with anchovies fillets on toasts for appetiser. The only downside was the cold toasts. Otherwise, starters were so far so good.

Pan fried cod with potato puree

For entree, I had pan fried cod with potato puree (I think) which was a tad watery (probably, it wasn’t potato, excuse my poor French).
Everything was great. Portions were small though.

Cripsy roasted quail

He had roasted quail/pigeon (we think) with crispy skin on the outside, however, the meat was very lean and dry. More sauce could help. This came with Eur 5 supplement.

Overall, I had an ok meal here while he did not think his lunch was good.

3 Rue Sainte-Beuve
75006 Paris, France
Tel No: 01 45 49 10 40


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