Café Angelina (Paris) II

Angelina Cafe’s cake counter
Angelina Cafe’s entrance

Here is our second visit to this famous tea salon in Paris. She serves up the most luscious chocolate drink (in my opinion) and delectable mont blanc in town.

I am going backward in my restaurant/bistro/cafe visit. Cafe Angelina was actually our first meal since our arrival on a cold Monday morning.

L’africain chocolat

This is the legendary L’africain chocolat. To us, this is more than a rich chocolate drink, it is like molten chocolate flowing out, took your heart away. And could be a meal on its own.

The freshly whipped cream was swirled in bit by bit while devouring this chocolate lava to lighten up the palette. I am missing it while looking at this picture.

The French Onion Soup with charred gruyere on top.

The broth was light and packed a punch of flavours. Very warming in the winter.

The not-to-miss Angelina’s creation, chesnut mont blanc.

The firm chesnut icing surrounding a pile of freshly whipped cream inside which was so light and airy. Then when the fork hit the bottom, there was the crunch from the meringue. Mmmm….

This was our second visit back here, click here for the spring visit to this cafe.


One thought on “Café Angelina (Paris) II

  1. Ladee Rickard says:

    I ate this same great meal on December 7, 2010! I found a recipe for the hot chocolate, but can’t find a recipe on the web for the savory (chicken based?) French Onion Soup. Both were very delicious.

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