Chez Dumonet (Paris)

Working down our Paris Eats based on David Lebovitz’s blog, we opt for Chez Dumonet for his famed duck confit. We made two trips there as the first trip had a fully booked room for lunch, and so we returned the next day..

Complimentary cauliflower soup

Above was a warm and smooth cauliflower soup (complimentary) upon being seated. Also, we were given a complimentary white wine each upon seated. The kind gesture was very much appreciated.

fresh prawns wrapped in phyllo pastry

His entree (remember, entree in French means appetiser as opposed to English’s meaning of main course). Well, he was so impressed by the appetiser where a hint of Japanese flavours were balanced out well in the dish. The fresh prawns wrapped in phyllo pastry were perfectly fried to retain its juiciness.

smoked salmon slices

Here, the portions are huge. Luckily, you could opt for half portion (half price too). And trust me, all of the dishes seen here were halved. These smoked salmon slices (smoked by themselves I suspected) were subtle, flavourful.

Paired with the freshly toasted bread slices and the cream as below, I was so delighted with this simple yet tasty combination.

creamy spread for toasts and smoked salmon slices
Confit de Canard

And here is the Confit de Canard, look at the size and the heap of crispy and thick potato slices on the side. He said the skin was not as crispy as he would like, nonetheless, it was good!

I had Tagliatelle with Beef Bourguignon. The pasta coated in creme fraiche and the rich bourgogne were served separately.
Beef Bourguignon

Here was where the magic happened. Bring the two together to coat evenly and here is your dish! The Beef Bourguignon sauce was rich and velvety, and the beef was melting tender. The amount of bacon and mushroom chunks were in abundance!

This lunch actually replaced our dinner too because we were still saturated up till late night, seriously.

Beef Bourguignon Tagliatelle

And we thought what other way to end the lunch with a very typical French dessert – the souffle! According to my interpretation off the French menu, the Grand Marnier soufflé (served in a soup bowl size) is house special (EUR 18).
The souffle was flavoured with orange liqueur and we thought it was a bit overhelming, the top was not as crunchy as you would expect from a small/normal size souffle.

Grand Marnier soufflé

Overall, we had a blast at this restaurant savouring the typical French cuisines. We really enjoyed the warm hospitality from the chef, waiter and sous chef serving us in turns.

Address: 117 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 6th. Tel: (1) 45 48 52 40.
Closed Sat and Sun.
Average €40 + per person.

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