Macarons from Paris!

You could get macarons by different chocolatiers from the departmental stores like Galeries Lafayette’s gourmet section, and also La Grande Epicerie (gourmet food market) of the department store Le Bon Marché (38 rue de Sèvres, 7e Paris).

That’s if you want to save time from visiting individual chocolatier.

Brands like Aoki Sadaharu, Pierre Herme (recommend visiting the shop itself), Jean Paul Hevin, Dalloyau and etc are available under one roof.


Dalloyau box of 5 macarons
Dalloyau macarons

Jean Paul Hévin

Jean Paul Hevin’s box of macarons
Jean Paul Hevin’s macarons – 2nd love
Jean Paul Hevin’s macarons

Ladurée (bought from Champ Elysee branch)

Laduree’s macarons, chose 2 of each flavour

Pierre Hermé
 (bought from Bonarparte store)

Pierre Herme’s gift box of 18 macaonrs – first love

Just when I thought this macarons-filled Paris trip would be sufficient to stop my cravings for at least three months, I’m yearning for just one more macaron now.

Tried Macaron List

  • Dalloyau
  • Pierre Hérme
  • Laudrée
  • Jean-Paul Hévin

Macaron/Sweets Hunt List (from Paris Patisseries)


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