Random Food Compilation IV

Minced fish ball congee at Imperial Treasure Noodle House at Triple One Somerset.

Juicy fried chicken feast @ Popeyes at T3 Terminal Changi Airport.

Calamari rings & Onion rings @ Popeyes at T3 Terminal Changi Airport.

Penang Assam Laksa , also the name of the store, located just beside Aljunied MRT station.

Sashimi salad @ a Japanese restaurant inside Holiday Inn Parkview on Orchard Road

Azuki bean with coffee at TCC (Wisma Atria)

Macadamia nut coffee at TCC (well, it's just a strong kopi-o with buttery macadamia fragrance)

4 Fingers Bonchon at the basement food level at Ion Orchard shopping centre. You just got to give these chicken wings a try!

Large cup from Ice Cream Chef (East Coast Rd) which contains D24 and Honey Green Tea scoops mixed in with my choice of almond flakes. One of the best ice-cream stores around.


List of Eats

  • Imperial Treasure Noodle House (Triple One Somerset)
  • Ice Cream Chef (Upper East Coast Road)
  • 4 Fingers Bonchon (B4 of Ion Orchard)
  • TCC (chain coffee shop island wide)
  • Holiday Inn Parkview Orchard’s Japanese Restaurant
  • Penang Assam Laksa (beside Aljunied MRT)
  • Popeye’s (chain store island wide)

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