2011 Chinese New Year of Rabbit 兔年快乐

Suddenly, I had the urge to post these thoughts
Of how I feel towards Chinese New Year
Right after the chipper post

I started to miss my childhood
When my grandma used to cook
For a table of four including kids (under 12)

My mum has 14 siblings
Yes, a boisterous big family!

We would gather around for meals after meals
Snacking in between the meals
Playing cards (gambling with cent value)
Having slumber party in the living room for a few days

While the adults urging us to go sleep
The time with my cousins
The time when we as kids only have to take care of red packets (hong bao)
After wishing the adults politely ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’
And showing a big wide smile

Now, grandma has left us for 3 years
The centre of of our celebration is diminishing
Since, nobody is interested in gathering up
Excuse was always busy or travelling

Now that I am always away from my family
Since moving over to Singapore
CNY is the time when I am especially homesick
While seeing other famillies gathering up
For a reunion meal

I will be missing them dearly
Only wish this new year will bring upon blessings
To my dear family, relatives and friends

Ah ma, may you rest in peace
Missing you …

Have a blessed new year (again)!


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