Beppu (SG)

Beef Char Siew ramen (4 chillies) S$11.90++

We have been to both branches at China Square (in CBD area) and Tiong Bharu Plaza in Singapore.

Beppu is a local ramen store specialises in tongue-numbing and flaming hot spicy soup base.

Chicken Karaage ramen (2 chillies) S$10.90++

The broth was tasty, not as flavourful.

I had the one with fish slices S$10.90 ++

The noodles were cooked to a little bit of bite, not bad at all.

Reasonably priced and wide selection of proteins to go with the spicy ramen.

Maximum chilli rating offered is up to 9 chillies. We tried it once and surrendered halfway through.

Address: 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #02-16/17 Tiong Bahru Plaza,Singapore

Address: 20 Cross Street, #01-19 China Court, China Square Central, Singapore


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