Da Paolo Ristorante (SG)

I got to know this Italian restaurant from bebe who had the first visit there during his company Xmas lunch.

He bragged on and on about the fillet mignon with duck liver and how great the tiramisu there was.

Varlhona Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream S$12++

The day for me to have my go arrived. I am going to reverse our dinner course. Dessert intro first.

Since bebe wanted to stick to tiramisu, I decided to try something else as above.

Was disappointed with the dry cake texture and the very icy vanilla. The mango puree did not connect with the cake and vanilla ice-cream. This dessert failed!

Crayfish handmade egg pasta with bisque and asparagus S$27++

A good ol’  pasta was cooked to al dente, fresh crayfish. The whole dish was homey and nice. Nothing posh or surprises there which was great.

Bebe had the same main dish of fillet mignon with duck liver (so I didn’t re-take picture here). He commented that the portion he had during his corporate lunch was like 30% bigger.

The same goes to the tiramisu, during the Xmas lunch, it was fresher and topped with chocolate shavings. This time round, only chocolate powder…

The dinner portion we had shrunk dramatically in comparison.

Service staff appeared uninspired but courteous. Water refill was diligent. They made me feel uncomfortable for some reason.

Oh well, overall a quality Italian food we had there.

Address: 80 Club Street, Singapore


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