Pavé Chocolates & Confections (SG)

A chocolate mousse tart with caramel and crushed hazelnut as well as more dark chocolate inside. S$7.50++

 Lusciously rich but no heavy aftertaste. The dotted pink peppercorn on top when bitten and tasted with the chocolate, turned out to be fruity.

Oblong Choc Lavender Macaron S$3.50++

First time seeing an oblong macaron. We stumbled upon two flavours only, one is chocolate (with lavender) and the other offering was strawberry on the very Sunday we were there.
The texture of the macaron was chewy, nonetheless, we were all pleased with the chocolate and subtle fragrance of lavender in the thick ganache filling.

Nutty Putty S$8.50++

This is the only item which I recalled the name – Nutty Putty. It’s made up of peanuts and coconut.

Different textures abound and unique looking. Didn’t score to well for me as coconut taste was overhelming.

I’m sure most will like it regardless. It’s one of the bestsellers apparently.

This little pastry shop is truly a gem in the east serving quality sweets.

: 93 East Coast Road, Singapore 428792
Opening hours: (Monday Closed) 12.30pm to 10.30pm


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